Stars Align: Update to the Quant Focus Lists

quantJapanese Idols and Double Troubles — In "Stars Align", we highlight stocks for which the quant model offers a strong view (positive or negative) that is in agreement with the rating of our fundamental analyst (at the time of inclusion in the portfolio).

Changes to Japanese Idols — Japanese Idols are stocks that rank in the extreme corner of our Attractive quadrant and are rated Buy or Hold by our fundamental analysts. This week Aisin Seiki (7259) drops out, while NTT (9432), Sharp (6753) and Eisai (4523) are among the new entrants. Please see Figure 2 for the complete list.

Changes to Double Troubles — Stocks that rank in the extreme corner of our Unattractive quadrant and are rated Sell or Hold by our fundamental analysts form our Double Troubles portfolio. This week Asatsu (9747) drops out while Tokyo Steel (5423), Sanyo Steel (5481), Mixi (2121) and Kagome (2811) are among the large cap entrants. Please see Figure 3 for the complete list.


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